Hall of Fame

NOMINATE a former Collegian Media Group staff member for a CMG Hall of Fame award. 

Your recognition of an individual helps CMG to connect and honor generations of students who sustain the organization’s legacy of servicing K-State and its local community and continue to do so today. 

To show our appreciation for nominating someone, we will send you:

Nominees must have graduated or departed the Collegian Media Group in 2012 or earlier.

To begin the nomination process, and learn more, please click here!

On behalf of our students and the Collegian Media Group Board, thank you so much for nominating a CMG Hall of Famer.

With My Gratitude,

David Levy

Director, Collegian Media Group

In addition to the nomination form, please submit a letter of recommendation. It can include:

Feel free to send any supporting documents: published magazine and newspaper articles, a link to the nominee’s Linkedin page, an additional letter(s) of support.